PMCC President declares 2014 a success!

Congratulations to the Wanner rink, representing the Monday Night Men's league, for winning the PMCC 2014 Club Challenge on Saturday March 15th.

Skip - Dave Graham; Third - Steve Cop; Second - Gary White; Lead - Dave Whitaker

We had a great day of friendly competition where the outcome was determined by the result of the final stone, in 3 separate games.

It was very close, and all rinks in attendance were winners.

Curlers were smiling, laughing and having a great time, exactly what we want to see.

The AGM was held and the Membership expressed it's gratitude to the Board of Directors, and to the City's Ice Team as the playing conditions were very enjoyable this season.

Congratulations to the teams that represented PMCC proudly at the BC Club Challenge, aka The Dominion, April 11 - 13th.

Carol Summers, Marybeth Rodgers, Mary Dyk, and Kathy Bolton for Ladies, and Les Chimko, Ron Arnold, Bob Holmes and Richard Le Hingrat for Men. Check out the team pictures, posted below.

This brings the current season to a close at PMCC, and we look forward to coming together again in the fall to renew friendships and get back to the game that brings us together on many winter nights.

I wish to say on behalf of all members, Thank-you to all of the PMCC volunteers.

The league directors, the social committees, the coaches, the on ice volunteers, the Board members, and everyone that lends a helping hand for the general benefit of our club, WAY TO GO!!

So for now.............FORE!

James McLeod
PMCC President

Congratulations to the PMCC 2014 Club Challenge Champion...

Team Wanner (Skip by Dave Graham) from Monday Men's League


Skip - Dave Graham, Third - Steve Cop, Second - Gary White, Lead - Dave Whitaker 


League Representatives Card Standings
Monday Men's, Wanner Queen 1
Pleasantside Mixed, Hyndes 6 2
Freybe Rocks Mixed, Diggins Jack 3
Monday Men's, Chimko 4 4
Freybe Rocks Mixed, Perry 10 5
Thursday Night Mixers, Milaney 8 6
Senior Men's, Campbell 2 7
Pleasantside Mxied, Neal 7 8
Thursday Night Mixers, Morris Ace 9
Esco Mixed, Butorac 3 10
Senior Men's, Stariha 9 11
Esco Mixed, Halliwell 5 12


Congratulations also to the individual League Champions...

League Grand Aggregate Winner Playoffs
 Monday Men's Les Chimko, Ron Arnold, Richard LeHingrat & Bob Holmes A-Team Bonner 
B-Team Rink
C-Team Rae
 Senior Men's Fall - A Campbell, H Ricard, D Burrus & B LaBelle
Spring - T Stariha, B Nybo, P Hiebert & R Murphy
 Esco Mixed Dave Halliwell, Michelle Berner, Jordan Hesse & Craig Hynes A-Team Ast
B-Team McGillivray
C-Team Murray
 Freybe Rocks Mixed Team Perry A-Team Perry
B-Team Nguyen
C-Team Sahadak
 Thursday Night Mixers Team Milaney A-Team Kinnear 
B-Team Murray
C-Team Carr-Hilton
 Senior Mixed Fall - H Roos, M Staples, P Hiebert & E Klein 
Winter - F Hurtubise, P Muir, D Hiebert & E Erickson
 Pleasantside Mixed  

We are sending two teams to the Dominion Curling Club Championship British Columbia

(Previously the BC Club Challenge)

Men's - Team Chimko (Monday Night Men’s Grand Aggregate)


Les Chimko - Skip, Ron Arnold - Third, Bob Holmes - Second, and Richard Le Hingrat - Lead

Women's - Team Summers (Thursdays Night Mixers)


Carol Summers - Skip, Marybeth Rodgers - Third, Mary Dyk - Second and Kathy Bolton - Lead

Click on the event for more information

dominion.gif11-13 April 2014

Pacific International Cup 16-20 April 2014 

The Dominion Curling Club Championship 24-29 November 2014


Participaction Grant for RBC (CBC) Sports Day in Canada

participaction.pngWe are pleased to advise you all that the club has been awarded $300 for the RBC (CBC) Sports Day in Canada and for future curling.  We acknowledge the support of all the sponsors of RBC Sport Day in Canada, especially Participaction Canada.


Community Gaming Grant Awarded

We are pleased to advise you all that club has been awarded $26,240 Community Gaming Grant and we are going to use these funds to improve the facility for all users.

logo_bcgov.gifTHANKS to Peter Muir for all his dedicated work to making this happen for us all.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

Legendary BBC natural history presenter Sir David Attenborough lends his famous tones to a curling commentary...


Why Curling is better than hockey

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    Legendary BBC natural history presenter Sir David Attenborough lends his famous tones to a curling commentary......
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