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Our curling season runs from September to mid March. Port Moody Curling Club welcomes all curlers, new, beginners, experienced, and every skill level in between.

Check out our leagues to figure out which leagues are right for you.

You must be a member of the Club to join any league, to be a spare in a league or take part in the Junior program. 

Registration Process

Registering is easy. We use the Curling Canada registration system "Curling I/O".

To register you will need to have a Google account or an email address.

The first time you register with Curling I/O you will be required to fill out some profile information: name, address, age, gender, and emergency contact. Everything else in the profile is optional and can be filled in later if you wish. If you did this last year, your profile should already be set up and you won't have to do this again.

Once you are registered in Curling I/O, you can shop for the leagues you want to join.  If you want a name tag, you can jump over to "products" and buy one there. The system will create an itemized bill for everything you selected.  Note: If you don't want to join any leagues and only want to play occasionally as a spare, you can join the "Spare List" league and select all of the leagues you would be willing to spare for.

You will then need to read and agree to the club waivers- there is also a special COVID waiver included.

The last step is payment which can be done by credit card. 

Click the link below to launch the Curling I/O registration site.


Note that once you have submitted an order through Curling I/0 you will be able to submit additional orders, but you will not be able to cancel or amend any orders that you have made. Please contact 2P+eqQ6oc\XhB.E1y3g#{awA-jx[v]#[p9|HS2~YRsIX1}/{iraiqTd%vR%?X if you require assistance.

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Registration FAQs

Can I register on my phone?

PMCC highly recommends using a larger screen such as a tablet or desktop computer to register and not a phone.


How do I login to Curling I/O?

To login, you need to have either a Google email account or an email address.  

If you use a Google email address, use your Google email and password to log in. PMCC recommends this option because it is faster.

If you use another (non Google) address, enter your email address above the “Send me a Login Link” button and you will receive an email that has a temporary link (a.k.a. token) that you must click to enter the Curling I/O site. NOTE: Every time you wish to enter Curling I/O, you must request a new email (with a new token link) from Curling I/O.


Can I register in person? 

We prefer members to register through Curling I/O which is open 24/7/365 and pay by credit card.  To register in person, contact to schedule an appointment.


Why don't all leagues cost the same amount? 

Our evening leagues are more expensive than our daytime leagues because evening leagues are in "prime" or high demand time. Even within the day or evening time slots there can be difference in price due to number of weeks of play, the value of prizes offered, and if the league will host any parties during the season.


Do you accept cash and/or cheque payment? 

We prefer members to register through Curling I/O and pay by credit card.  

 We do not accept cash payment but if you will not pay with credit card payment will be accepted by cheque by December 31, 2020. If assistance is required contact 2P+eqQ6oc\XhB.E1y3g#{awA-jx[v]#[p9|HS2~YRsIX1}/{iraiqTd%vR%?X


What is your refund policy?

As this is a modified season due to COVID 19, Port Moody Curling Club membership and affiliation fees(Curl BC and Curling Canada) will NOT be  refunded. 

Requests for refund due to medical reasons will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. A doctor’s note may be required.

Refunds will be issued back to the credit card used to pay the dues and/or fees. If payment was made by  cheque, the refund will be issued by cheque.


How can I request a refund?

Please see our refund policy for eligibility.  Contact your league president to request a refund. 


How can I make a change to my registration?

Contact 2P+eqQ6oc\XhB.E1y3g#{awA-jx]#[z.uGY3&+TLK]+x1psq]xhKf!6NZ if you require changes to your registration.  Note: Once you have submitted an order through Curling I/O, you cannot amend it so please check it carefully before hitting the ‘submit’ button. Only PMCC can make changes to existing registrations.  


How do I register as a spare?

You can register as a spare for multiple leagues at once by registering for the “Spare” league in Curling I/O.  Once you register to be a spare your contact information will be shared with the leagues you have chosen.


I paid my Curling Canada and Curl BC dues at another club.  How do I register at PMCC without paying them again? 

Unfortunately, you will need to pay them again and then request a refund for them. PMCC will issue you a refund as soon as you provide proof of purchase from the other club. 


How do I register my child or spouse?

Each person requires their own profile that indicates their gender and age.  To register a child or spouse, you may wish to set them up under your account (with your contact info) but with their own profile.  Alternatively, you or they can set up a separate account, with their own login info, address, etc. Please do not try to register a child or spouse under your profile as it will either not work or will register the incorrect person.


Can I purchase my spouse’s or child’s registration at the same time as mine? 

Yes, you can shop for and add as many leagues or products to your cart as you wish. Before you check out, you will see an itemized list of everything you have purchased and for whom (and may make corrections if needed). If you wish, you can always come back later and purchase additional items.  Or you may wish to do it all in the one transaction. It is up to you!


Can I get a receipt for registration?

Immediately after you register through Curling I/O, you should receive a receipt by email. It will be sent to the email address you used to login to Curling I/O.


I am on a 5-person (or 6-person) team.  Can our team members pay adjusted rates?

We do not have special rates for 5 (or more) person teams.  We require teams to officially register 4 people only. The 5th (or 6th) person should register as a club member-only, and not pay the league fees. Among your teammates, you can then privately settle who owes who how much.


Member Discounts